American vs. British English – Vowel Sounds – Pronunciation differences

In this American English pronunciation video, we’re going to go over some of the differences in vowel sounds in American English and British English. Today I’m going to make a video with another awesome English channel on YouTube, MinooAngloLink. The reason why I’m collaborating with them is because they’re in the UK. So, together we’re going to talk about some of the differences between American English and British English pronunciation. Hi Minoo, can you tell me a little about your channel and AngloLink? Hello everyone.

My name is Minoo and my YouTube channel is called AngloLink. On this channel, I teach British English, and I base my lessons on what I find to be the most challenging areas of English grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary for my learners. So, I hope you will come and have a look at some of my lessons. Great. Let’s start with the OH diphthong. This is the sound we use: OH. The sound used in British English, however, is the schwa and the UH as in PULL sound. We so ‘know’, know. And in British, it’s ‘know’. You can see in the pronunciation on the left, the British pronunciation, that there’s less jaw drop for the first sound, than the American pronunciation on the right.

Jaw drop is one of the topics I have to work a lot on with my students. Know. [6x] Let’s take a look at a sentence. Don’t go alone. Each of these words has the OH as in NO diphthong in American English. Don’t go alone. In British English, Don’t go alone. [4x] The AH vowel. In American English, there are many words that have the letter O representing the AH as in FATHER vowel. For example, hot, honest, mom, top. The AH vowel has a good bit of jaw drop and totally relaxed lips. In British English, however, in these words where the O represents the AH, there’s a different vowel sound. There’s more lip rounding and less jaw drop. For example, I say ‘hot’. Minoo says ‘hot’. Notice how much more Minoo’s lips round for this sound. In American English, the corners of the lips are completely relaxed, and the jaw drops a bit more. Hot. [6x] Honest. [6x] An example sentence: Hot or iced coffee? Both ‘hot’ and ‘coffee’ have the AH vowel in American English. Hot or iced coffee? [2x] Now let’s talk about the AA vowel.

In American English, when this vowel is followed by a nasal consonant, it’s no longer a pure vowel. With [n] and [m], we have an extra ‘uh’ sound after the vowel. If it’s followed by [ŋ], the AA vowel changes altogether and sounds more like the AY as in SAY diphthong. Check out the video I made for more information on this topic. Let’s look at some example words. First, AA+N. Can, can, can. Do you hear that extra ‘uh’ sound? Can. It’s what happens as the tongue relaxes down in the back before the tip raises for the N sound.

Can, can. Now, let’s hear Minoo say it. Can. The vowel is more pure there, right from the AA into the N sound. Can. [6x] An example with M: ham, ham. Again, you can hear the UH sound as my tongue relaxes down in the back before the lips close for the M sound. Ham, ham. Minoo says it: Ham. [6x] And now when the AA vowel is followed by the NG consonant sound, like in the word ‘thanks’.

When we say it, thanks, it’s much more like the AY diphthong than the AA vowel. Thanks. [3x] Minoo says it: Thank, thanks. [3x] And finally, let’s talk about the UR vowel. This vowel is in words like girl, world, first, hurt, person, worst. But in British English, the R sound isn’t included. For example, I say ‘first’. Minoo says: First. [6x] I say ‘worst’. Minoo says: Worst.

[6x] I say ‘girl’. Minoo says: Girl. [6x] So there you have four differences in American vs. British English. If you liked this video, click here or in the description box on YouTube to see a video I made with Minoo on her channel. The topic is consonant differences in American and British English. It also has a list of words with both British and American English pronunciation. That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English..

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Semarang, Lawang Sewu dan Tangga Seribu. Vlog #5

We have to make a vlog di! What? What kind of vlog? Can the voice be clearly heard? #5 Semarang, 1000 steps, 1000 doors Jatibarang Dam, Semarang Damn damn damn damn damn!! This is almost 90 degree!! Are you vlogging right now? Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn Damn damn damn damn damn damn IT NEVER ENDS!! Sigh, can we take a break for a while? I’m really shaking!! Why you can being so slow and relaxed? Because I don’t hold any camera Paranormal Activity?? It still continue Now we have to take the stairs again upwards So we have been through hundreds of steps I am not sure though But I guess those steps are more than 300 and it is almost 70 Degree, so steep we are going up In the name of Merciful God Going to the exit #TIREDAF What that m20 sign means? Is this thing behind the water? No, I guess this thing is only a cliff Wait, that’s the water we’ve seen before In that direction This side is water Look at that, the car is coming Pretty sure we are not smokers West Canal Flood What? Hey wait, I am not done yet taking your picture general lectures about the structures He is just come from Spanyol So this is Lawang Sewu Not so long time ago was Really CREPPY!! Yes this is used to be really scary But, now it isn’t builiding worker Look at that Where is the stairs? Do want to Jump? Look at that, water! Its so wet Oh, I see..

there are coins in here, it might be used for grant the wishes We wish that we could pass the Structural Analysis with Grade A Ameen it want to be redesigned into some kind of hall look at these lines, just like the badminton court spooky Old City, Semarang Nathan’s homeland Nathan is the guy in the thumbnails by the way the most asian one Her name is Goepi Look at her hat, its not SWAG enough.

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Lumpia Semarang – Semarang Spring Roll | Jajanan #007

I’m Faisal Lanin I’m Alvin Maulana Welcome back to Masak.TV today is a special webisode with MUJI what is MUJI? Why are you being annoying? MUJI is a Japanese brand, which has already opened several stores in Indonesia Bandung and Jakarta to be exact What do they sell? housewares; like you can see on the back the clothes and the apron that I’m wearing right now but I don’t think they have his size and also the beanie that I’m wearing (man in the back: do they sell Doraemon items as well?) Magical pocket! MUJI sells fun and nice items they also have a motto what is their motto again? Let’s see…

no brand, good quality (man in the back: it’s backward) you got it backward oh, no brand quality goods Okay, so what are we going to make for MUJI today? we’re going to make Semarang fried spring rolls Although they’re from Japan but the food is from Java these spring rolls are unique because they use bamboo shoots and then? there are bamboo shoots, chicken, sagoo, eggs, and dried shrimps which we have already soaked in water to make it tastier there are sesame oil sweet soy sauce sugar,salt,pepper and last but not least we have the spring rolls skin now, we’re going to divide the work he is going to deal with the ingredients while I’m going to heat the pan and the oil to fry the spring rolls you can start to chop all of the ingredients really now? I’m taking half of them, okay? Okay.

you can chop the rest while he’s preparing the ingredients I’m going to sautee the garlic along with chopped ginger now, I’m going to chop up the bamboo shoots while waiting for him chopping up the bamboo shoots, I’m going to put in the chicken actually you can do them julienne do what? that I think julienne is easier I’m going to set them aside and pour in a little more oil then I’m adding 3 eggs what’s taking you so long? I’m almost done wait, I’m putting in the dried shrimps We’ve got the messy look i can now put in the chopped bamboo shoots can you help me with the palm sugar? palm sugar? it’s next to you (man at the back: isn’t that brown sugar?) no, it’s palm sugar what’s next? we’re waiting until it’s cooked Does it take long? No, it doesn’t Can you help me with the sweet soy sauce? it’s a Javanese food, of course it has to be sweet Are there any Javanese people on the back? Not everyone here is Padangnese sugar, to make it sweeter you can say anything that you want i don’t care white pepper salt why does everybody don’t like the fact that I love sweet everyone always protests about that be careful opening the salt carefully close the lid back as the motto says; quality goods (man at the back: is it fried rice?) no, it isn’t it’s spring rolls filling i think it’s done I’m going to give it a taste Is it good? so so? hot? now, I’m going to add sesame oil to make it more aromatic (man at the back: isn’t it too much?) no, it isn’t since it’s MUJI webepisode special you should do Japanese style Okay, done now, it’s your job to fold the skin me? why do i always end up with this kind of thing? come on, you should help out as well okay, I’ll help looking at it since I care for you very much I’m going to make things easier by put the filling on this bowl how big would you want them to be? it’s up to you they might turn to be another spring rolls monsters is there any egg to glue the skin? oh, I forget you should have prepared it beforehand the eggs are there ck! you’re very spoil here you go, now fold away that’s what I’m talking about while you’re folding, I’m going to make the sauce (man on the back: isn’t it Faisal who usually make the sauce?) I’m going to saute the left over garlic and shallot, okay? don’t forget to dab in a little egg white on the edges of the skin it works as glue to stuck them together (man at the back: please look at the camera when you talk) Oh, my bad! I’m too immerse on this because I’m not use to fold things (man on the back: because you are the one who usually being folded?) i don’t know anything, really! what is this? what has happened to this program? how does it feel to be folded by Arabs? this part is going to be edited, right? I’m begging you, it has to be! all of you are crazy now, I’m putting in brown sugar pardon, i mean palm sugar now, I’m adding the sweet soy sauce I’m adding sago flour with water (man in the back: what is it for?) to thicken the sauce so, if aren’t thick enough, drink this (man in the back: don’t laugh too much, the camera is shaking because of you) this drink looks delicious oh! I thought it’s drinkable (man in the back: when are you going to add in the sago flour?) once the palm sugar melts and mixes with the other ingredients nicely it’s obvious that you have never done this before, just look at the shape of this spring roll because I’m a sauce expert now that the palm sugar has melted I’m going to add in the sago flour see how fast the sauce thickens? I think we can fry the spring rolls now be careful with the oil splatter (man in the back: are you sure that it won’t hurt the pan?) Of course it won’t! it’s from MUJI It’s good quality it’s such a hassle using this! (man in the back: why don’t you use chopstik instead?) why did you say it’s such a hassle after you complimented it? i actually had an idea for today’s webepisode what’s that? how about we only say MUJI throughout the broadcast? so, it’d be MUJI,MUJI,MUJI,MUJI,MUJI and that’s it i apologize on behalf of my friend it’s ready! prepare the plate we aren’t going to use a plate but a chopping board instead and this is for the sauce look how nice it is it’d look good for pictures as well So, the Semarang fried spring rolls are done but I’m curious with the taste, so…

is it hot? okay if you want a precise recipe, you can see it on our website thank you for tuning in don’t forget to watch our other videos as you can see here, you can like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and watch us on Youtube as for MUJI, you can follow their Twitter @mujiindonesia and like their Facebook page under the same name Muji Indonesia as well stay tune to Masak.TV

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Objek Wisata #9 Lawang Sewu Semarang Jawa Tengah Indonesia 2016 (Menjelang Malam)

Haloo Buddy Jalan2 This time we are going to Lawang Sewu Semarang Places and we go there at dusk. Wew … Goosebumps Given the history of this Dutch heritage buildings was once used as a place of torture and is the most haunted place to second in asia according to some sources. Lawang Sewu is located in the city center of Semarang, Entrance ticket for the Dutch heritage buildings are only 10k rupiah and actually very beautiful when visited at night, because the lights that illuminate the lights make the atmosphere of the building, terraces and in the space come alive. please enter one by one wait a minute / ya Please come in thank you sir / let As the name suggests Lawang Sewu, These buildings have a lot of doors between long hallways. When we go into the atmosphere is a bit different, if to-do walk may be less pervading, try to walk apart with your friends or walk alone around as we did.

see hear and feel definitely better are you brave!!! But behind all that mace sewu is a place that should you visit Ok. good luck to the sensation Meet again with us in the next videos and don’t forget to subscribe.

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Jalan-jalan ke Jakarta di Monas

Hail!!! Welcome to my channel. Now I will ask you to enjoying… MONAS or National Monument Look that is really high. As I know that was 132 meters I am only 172 centimeter. Oh my God, What a pity But today I feel blessed because at this moment the weather in Monas is really really good although a little bit cloudy But as I see all of the visitors are really enjoyed their time with their families and friends here, same with me who always loved to spending time with you. Looks! Behind me that’s a really long line will be so crowded there. They are who want to entering Monas. Actually I want to go there and join. But maybe not now, because I think is really common for you to entering Monas in the morning and afternoon. So, I’ll ask you enjoying Jakarta from the top of Monas tonight. Always stay tune! Then now, behind me is the place that you’re also looking for, because you can find souvenirs and also foods here. On my right side there is a food shop, they provide you Jakarta (Betawinese) foods here After a long trip to look around at Monas, this is the best place to refresh you Well, this is what I need, yes coconut! Note for you who’ll come here.

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella because it’s really necessary even when it’s rainy or not. Then, if you likes this video don’t forget to give your thumbs up and subscribe this channel and share this video to your friends because that’s needed. And if there’s a place that I should visit just let me know by post it to the comment below. Thanks for watching .

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